Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

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In 117 AD, when the Roman Empire was at its peak, it controlled over 1 million square miles throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa. The Roman Empire had become the greatest empire in the world. With all that dominance, its hard to see how such an empire could fall, nevertheless it did fall. The Roman Empire was forced to face many problems throughout their reign. The main problems that caused the fall of the Roman Empire were their social problems, military problems, and governmental problems. The Romans had many social problems. Very few people had confidence in the empire, which caused very low patriotism in the people. The overall population was decreasing because of famine and diseases throughout the empire. Those who were left found…show more content…
The new Christian values and previous Pagan values of Rome were very contradicting, creating conflict between the new believers and those who still held on the old values. The Roman Empire had also spread itself too far, too quickly. The cost of maintaining and controlling all this land would prove too great for Rome. The combination of over expansion, a failing economy, and conflict within its borders was too great for Rome to handle. The Roman Empire faced numerous problems with their military. Because Rome was constantly trying to conquer new territories and expand their empire, continuous conflict was always at hand. Barbarian tribes were relentlessly attacking Rome at every border. The Visigoths were the first into Rome, and they were followed by tribes such as the Vandals, Saxons, Bavarians, Huns, Picts, and the Irish. The Gauls sacked Rome in 390 BC and were paid by the Romans to leave. The Rugians were the last of the barbaric tribes to attack Rome. The Romans seemed to be at war so often; it was a rarity when they were not fighting. All the conflict led to very heavy military spending in an already failing

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