Macbeth: Supreme-Leader Or A Mass Murder?

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Supreme-Leader or A Mass Murder? Who was worse? Kim Jong-Un and his reign over North Korea, ruling with an iron fist, and silencing anyone who dares pose a threat to him, or is it Macbeth, a horrible king, after killing the previous king, Duncan, as the 3 weird sisters granted him a prophecy he couldn’t not pass up. To become Thane of Cawdor and then to become king of Scotland. Corrupted by power and guilt, Macbeth, became a tyrant and not caring for his country but only caring for himself a tale of the ages written by Shakespeare during the 16th and 17th century. While Kim Jong-Un rules the vast land of North Korea he likes to make things public and boast about how his country is so much better than most. Even the most top secret of his…show more content…
Much like Macbeth, who after killing the king, his best friend, and people who he thought would get in his way, locked himself into his castle and shunned his kingdom from his site, and hid from all his problems. He says, “Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane, I cannot taint with fear. What's the boy Malcolm?” (5.3.2-3). meaning only until the woods way far out, only then would his kingdom be overthrown and taunting the new, soon to be, king saying there's no way you could be king, HA, trees don’t move and the three weird sisters stated only then shall my throne be overthrown. Kim Jong-Un is also a very enclosed person when it comes to his plans and actions on his country but Kim Jong Un who loves to boast about his own powers and other things that can’t be real. In his country, if you were to ask the people whether or not Kim Jong-Un goes to the bathroom, people would say,”Our Supreme Leader works too hard to go to the bathroom, all his food is absorbed into him because of how hard he works,” Now if you were to ask anyone else in the world whether or not there leader goes to the bathroom they would say, “Of course they do, they’re human.” Kim actually get his people to believe whatever he says because of how scared the people are to question his ability on ruling a country, knowing if they do so they could be executed. So everyone just listens to whatever…show more content…
Impatiently, Macbeth took matters into his own hand, getting rid of the king just so he could rule over even more of this land. He had planned the murder of the king with his wife for several days, plotting mischievous ways to kill the king, when and where to do it, and who to blame it on. In the end the couple decided to kill the king with the guards daggers, after the king was invited over to Macbeth's home. The guards were drugged, so they wouldn't remember what happened the night before and couldn’t recall if they had killed the king or not. Kim Jong-Un, even though being a real person and not a character of a story, somewhat does what Macbeth does. Even though he doesn’t go out and kill his Leader so he can become the Leader, anyone who disagrees with him, has an opposing idea with him, or gets in his way, they would be brutally executed. For example, Kim’s uncle was going against his authority at the time and wasn’t listening to “reason” from Kim’s point of view, so Kim decided to have his uncle, as well as the officials that were with his uncle, eaten by 120 dogs that were starved for 5

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