Macbeth Obeying Analysis

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A person makes one mistake, and spends the rest of their lives paying for it. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the characters who make mistakes spend what’s left of their lives paying for it. If someone chooses to fight a superior opponent before their ready, they will wind up in serious trouble. Also, listening to what someone tells you to do can be helpful on occasion, but if what they say sounds irrational, obeying can be hazardous. When people make carless decisions to obtain a goal, they are punished for their selfish deeds. If someone chooses to fight a superior opponent before their ready, they will wind up in serious trouble. During the final battle against Macbeth, young Siward challenges Macbeth to a one on one duel to prove that he is…show more content…
When Lady Macbeth reads her husband’s letter, and realizes that he is to become king, she instantly gets ready for it even though he also mentioned in the letter that is was three witches that told him he was to become king. Glamis thou art, and Cawdor; and shalt be what thou art promised.” Even though Lady Macbeth doesn’t know anything about the weird sisters, and becoming king is way out of the ordinary, Lady Macbeth just jumps in and takes control of the whole operation to kill Duncan and become queen. Listening to the weird sisters sealed Lady Macbeth’s ultimate fate. When Lady Macbeth heard she had a chance to become queen she jumped at the chance and planned the murder on Duncan. What she did not plan for was her husband to murder everyone else, because of this turn of events Lady Macbeth started sleepwalking unable to forgive herself for what she had started. The sleepwalking eventually became too much for her to handle and she committed suicide. “Wherefore was that cry? The queen, my lord, is dead.” By listening to the weird sisters, and not thinking about it first, Lady Macbeth sealed her fate. If she had thought things through she may have thought it was too good to be true and she wouldn’t have committed suicide. People who listen to advice that sounds insane, from people they don’t know anything about, will return to haunt them

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