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World War II was the war that created new genera of warfare. It was an evolution of technology, as well as evolution in warfare. As aircraft and weapons were introduced, the Nazis army’s leader, Adolf Hitler, attempted to build the world’s first super weapons. Tanks the sizes of ships, artillery cannons that could destroy cities, and even the world’s first jet. World War II was the evolution of weaponry, resulting how weaponry is used in warfare today. U.S. and British tanks shared a lot of traits in WWII. The M4A4 Sherman was a us tank used most by Britain, but considered the tank that won the war. The American tank, M4A4 Sherman was an outstanding tank. Light armament, speed and a small cannon meant weak penetration. Its competitor’s tiger tanks could easily take out 4 at a time, but due to an upgrade of a bigger cannon its enemy was not as powerful anymore. This is how the M4A4 Sherman changed the war. The United States manufactured about 5,000 tanks because they were easy to build. It had sloped armor, it was nearly impossible to penetrate the front. It was very fast and very maneuverable. Its durability resulted into many different designs up through the 1970’s. This is how the M4A4 Sherman affected future wars. The M4A4 Sherman caused evolution in armored weaponry. Its performance resulted in fire support, armored units and…show more content…
The German Tiger Tank was the most famous tank in WWII. It was twice the size of a panzer, had thick armor, and a super powerful cannon. But it was slow and had mechanical difficulties. The Tiger Tank effected WWII in many ways. The Tiger Tank was first introduced in 1942 at North Africa. The Germans believed in a saying, “quality over quantity.” Only around 1300 were manufactured. The Panzer was like a cousin to the Tiger but affected the beginning. The Panzer was said to be the Germans backbone. It was also one of the main reasons Germany almost won the

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