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Dreamworlds 3: Desire, sex, and power in music videos The music world has become a proud industry when it comes to advertising women, with just about every video displaying a woman naked or half naked. It has become a common convention shown in music videos. Equally we all are aware, music takes on an important part in our lives, with nearly 70% of people age 13 and older actively listening to music at least once a day and 90% of people actively listening to music at least several times a week (Bakula, 2012). In Dreamworlds 3, Professor Sut Jhally explains how without the presence of women in videos today, mostly hip hop and even now country videos, some artists don’t do that great in fulfilling their sales in the music industry. So to boost…show more content…
A woman who is willing to be filmed gyrating and giving the camera every angle it desires to show off her body parts is what the artist needs to make sure he remains relevant in the music world, giving viewers what they want the most, fantasy. The artists know that this lust for fantasy will rack in sells. Professor Jhally explains how often music videos describe gender relations between men and women. Proving that the videos are being made from the perspective of male producers, who are the ones mostly in charge of and have the power in media production, and how they often turn to the exploitation of women to make a buck. Music videos seem to emphasize that they feel the most important aspect of a woman is her sexuality. Women portrayed in music videos are often presented as nymphomaniacs, sexually aggressive, and basically are sexualized bodies begging for a male’s attention. After watching this documentary it is clear why some men lack respect in women, because most women display themselves as objects, looking to be used and wanted by…show more content…
After being exposed to these types of videos, men can’t help but want to recreate this lifestyle in the real world. I think because the music industry is aware that men watch and enjoy pornographic images and scenes they found a way to connect it to the music videos. Once, again all for sales. This deceives the male audience into believing that all women want to be watched, desired, touched and are willing and inviting to a man and are always on display for them. Just as the content is pornographic, the film technique often times mirrors a pornographic

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