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Not everyone has seen the movie Unbroken, directed by Angelina Joile, which is based on a true story by a man named Louis “Louie” Zamperini who was played by Jack O’Donnell. Louie was a little Italian boy always getting into trouble which included the law. Louie’s brother noticed that Louie was a fast runner and trained him to become an Olympic winner of the 5000 meter dash (5k). When Louie became older he joined the United States Air Corps and got drafted into World War II. Where his plane got shot down by the Japanese and him and two others had to live on a life raft for 47 days. Louie and three others on the raft were eventually caught by Japanese and were held at a prisoner of war camp. With this movie children should not watch it under the age of thirteen since there is a lot of violence and abuse that not many people should see with people being beaten by punches, canes and anything that can be used as a weapon. Like in all war movies there is a lot of gore and blood as well which, could cause the children nightmares or even worse Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). Such as in one scene Phil one of the survivors when fighting the Japanese was shot in the head, or they are so hungry that they end up trying to eat a seagull just to survive, having only three of the men survive out of all of them that were on the plane. As…show more content…
“The prisoners were treated so badly. You could tell that they were malnourished they all looked like they were worse than these celebrities today that are disgustingly skinny. It made me think all the time how are these people still alive? How we can treat other human beings worse than anything you could ever imagine. Watching it on the T.V and seeing them made me so depressed on how the prisoners where getting treated I stopped watching T.V and listening to the radio. ” (Schultz, Alois 7 March,

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