Louis Xiv Maintenon Analysis

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As Louis XIV became increasingly inaccessible, Maintenon became the most effective channel through which to influence the king (Bryant 216). Soon, others realized that Maintenon’s position auprès du roi made her the most accessible channel to the king; consequently people began to use her to curry favor with Louis XIV. The Duke de Vendome wrote, “Next to God I am indebted, Madam, to you for all the Favours I receive from the King: Suffer me to express my Gratitude for them” (qtd. In Maintenon 207). The Duchess Dowager of Orleans wrote, “As I am indebted to you for all his [the king’s] Favours, and as it is by your Means that my Reconciliation with the King has been made . . .” (qtd. in Maintenon 231). Maintenon’s position as a buffer to the king served as a catalyst for her correspondence with popes, prelates, princes, ministers, maréchaux, and monarchs and thus, increased her involvement, and influence, in politics (Bryant 14). In light of the success of her first forays into the political realm, her advisors, namely Fénelon and Godet des Marais, encouraged Maintenon’s interference in ecclesiastical affairs. Once her protégé, Louis-Antoine de Noailles was established at Paris, Maintenon aspired to “interfere more legitimately in ecclesiastical affairs and appointments” with the…show more content…
Louis XIV was “apparently anxious that his wife remain a mute but attentive attendant in conferences with eminent officials and advisers, preferring private discussions to vociferous contributions and unfettered influence” (Bryant 155). The restrictions on her power forced her to focus on areas where she had already attained a high level of influence and prevented her from expanding her political

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