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The Lord of Flies , was written right after World War II. This novel is about a classicstory line of boys stranded on an island and attempt to make their own society.[Golding] TheLord of the Flies is criticized for the inhumane behavior between the children on the island. Forexample, towards the middle of the novel, children kill a young boy while doing a ritual whilebeating him to death. This novel has a very intricate story behind the island and the young boys,what I mean by this is that this story is a huge metaphor.William Golding was born on September 19, 1911, in Cornwall, England. He startedteaching in 1935, but put his career on pause and joined the Royal Navy in 1940 for World WarII. William Golding was a phenomenal soldier and saw things that scared many people duringthe time. After the war was over Golding went back to his teaching career and found inspirationfor his first novel Lord of the Flies. He was inspired by the events of World War II and thechildren that he taught. He used the horrid events of World War II and the actions of his studentsto create this novel that you can go so in depth…show more content…
The novel was an allegory to World War II. The island itself is a major part of theanalogy behind the novel. The island represents a microcosm of the world, between England and“the Reds”. You can see that the conflict between the boys is more along the lines as to what ishappening at the current time period. Where the major conflicts are with China, Eastern Europe,and the Soviet Union. This book was also banned for religious purposes, not all people want toread a book with rituals that kids use to kill another child for the fun of it.In conclusion, people change when they are faced with difficult problems. This novel isan analogy of World War II that is meant for children, but ultimately was too graphic forchildren’s eyes, but later was put into high

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