Locke Vs. Hobbes Still Influencing Modern World

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Two philosophers, both from the 1600’s, are still influencing modern world and its governments. Both had very different yet similar views. Hobbes was born in england in 1588, the english civil war took part in his lifetime and greatly affected his writings. He believed that absolute monarchy was the best method of government. This was probably because he thought that england had been perfect the way it was before it’s civil war, and that it should go back. On the other hand Locke, another englishman, was born in 1632. He believed in a government in which power is divided into three branches; legislative, executive, and judicial. This is much like how the US government is today. He also thought that the legislative branch should be representative of the people. Both thought that people needed some form of government in order for the country to thrive, and both had influence on natural rights and social contract.…show more content…
Locke believed in a government where the government insures our safety but we retain our natural rights. Whereas Hobbes believed that the social contract was more that the people should do whatever the monarch says and that would be good enough. Also they disagree on the what rights you have if your social contract is broken. Locke thought that you have the right to rebel if the government isn’t holding up to it's part of the social contract, but Hobbes thought that you have no right to rebel and that you should never go against the government. Locke also believed in separation of powers and that a good government is a government that does not reside all its power in one person, while Hobbes thought that the only government that would work was an absolute

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