Overcoming Obstacles In Shaun Livingston's Life

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It’s not easy coming back from one of the NBA’s most devastating injuries, even if you are a potential star, but with the right grit anything is possible. To understand how Livingston made it through his struggles, first you need to know what grit is. Grit is the strive to success, or the determination to finish what you started. Shaun Livingston was a 6”7’ athletic guard that was on the top of his game until he tore three of four major ligaments in his knee. At this time in his life, Livingston’s grit was tested to overcome such tough obstacles ahead. To do so, he would have to use his perseverance, passion, and bravery to conquer his challenges and finally fulfil his dream to become an NBA Champion. For starters, Livingston used his perseverance to continue his career after his gruesome injury. In order to do so, he had to keep his mind in check if he wanted to get back to his full potential. According to ESPN reporter Jordan Breaner, Livingston had thoughts of suicide when his leg had a chance of being amputated. (ESPN, Breaner)…show more content…
For example, he had to forget his injury to become great again. When Livingston cleared his need to try to become his old self, he knew he would have to use his injury to his advantage. This took bravery due to him not being cautious of his knee. Another example, Livingston knew he would have to face off against some of the best players in the NBA. With his injury in the way, there was still no time to mess around with it when up against the best. You have to give your all with no setbacks if you want to beat some of the best. Furthermore, Livingston showed bravery when he went up again Russel l Westbrook. Despite his injury, he shut down the pg.; something no one had done the whole season. Westbrook is not the guy to mess with and shutting him down took a lot of bravery. Livingston continues to show bravery every

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