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The Germans are Better In ninety-eight CE, Roman Senator and Orator, Tacitus writes a well thorough and detailed report of the Germans. Tacitus writes this report, Germania, in order to compare the everyday lives between the Romans and the Germans. Tacitus made it very cleared that the Germans were simply more advanced and essentially better off than the Romans at the time. In this paper, I will be demonstrating these three important beliefs that proves that Germany was better than Rome: The Germans had a far more superior and unique military tactics, they enforced stricter marriage laws, and how the Germans treated their slaves differently than the Romans. These three beliefs are the most important and vital information in this report.…show more content…
The Germans were very skillful with the weapons they had available to them. However, they were also very limited with options and choices of weapons they had. Unfortunately, they had a very scare amount of resources like iron, and Tacitus could tell by the quality of their weapons (21). The Germans had spears which were quick and accessible to draw at any time, and they were designed to be extremely sharp and angular shaped (21). This was very useful and helpful in battle, because the Germans threw the spears ranging anywhere from short distances to long distances (21). The horsemen were equipped with shield and spears, and the infantry launched several projectiles that covered enormous distances (21). These soldiers wore little to no clothing when they were battling, which means that they did not have much protection (21). Tacitus states, “On the whole, one would say that their chief strength is in their infantry, which fights along the cavalry, admirably adapted to the action of the latter is the swiftness of certain foot-soldiers, who are picked from the entire youth of their country, and stationed in front of the line (21).” The formation that they used in battles were in the shape of a wedge which was extremely effective. The German’s had far better tactics and strategies than the Romans ever dreamed…show more content…
Tacitus believes that the Germans have stricter marriage laws, but mentions that the Germans usually mate for life (24). The Germans were very loyal to their significant loved one, and they do not believe in having multiple spouses or partners. Tacitus think very highly of the commitment between a German couple. During this time, Divorce was unheard of, and if for some reason there was a divorce then it was frowned upon. Tacitus stated, “Lest the woman should think herself to stand apart from aspirations after noble deed and from the perils of war, she is reminded by the ceremony which inaugurates marriage that she is her husband’s partner in toil and danger, destined to suffer and to dare with him alike both in in war. The yoked oxen, the harnessed steed, the gifts of arms proclaim this fact” (24). The German women stood behind and supported their men no matter what they were going through at the time. Tacitus is trying to inform the readers that when the Germans got married then they stayed married and become united with one another. The German’s strict marriage laws enforced people to love and support one spouse and one spouse

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