Double Nickel Vocal Band Business Analysis

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The Double Nickel Vocal Band members have contrasting strategies for marketing their band, despite their same desired end result. Through Internet marketing and traditional marketing techniques, The Double Nickel Vocal Band can increase band awareness, increase sales, and potentially connect with record executives. A combination of marketing techniques will provide the most successful product, and each band member has a strategy which will be utilized in this marketing plan. Creating a Website Jonny Jay, the lead singer, proposes creating a website. Website creation has benefits and disadvantages, including exposure, information, and cost. There are costs associated with creating a website. These costs can be offset by creating an…show more content…
With “1.35 billion monthly active Facebook users” combined with “864 million people log onto Facebook daily” (Noyes, 2014), Facebook is a social media website that would prove beneficial for the band to utilized. MySpace is another social media outlet which would prove beneficial for the band to create an account. Recently, Costill (2013) wrote “Myspace is just another social media outlet that allows people to express themselves in a different way. As of now, it’s perfect for people in the arts, since the images and music are appealing.” This indicates that as MySpace continues to make a comeback into the social media market, those in the arts, such as The Double Nickel Vocal Band would increase awareness for music fans, as well as industry…show more content…
Increasing the interest in the band can lead to increasing concert size, but this can take time. This technique, when used as the sole technique, would take time and traditional marketing techniques, such as posters and flyers. The costs associated with traditional marketing techniques are much higher than that of Internet marketing, therefore utilizing touring to increase band awareness is not an adequate marketing plan. The Marketing Plan The final marketing plan should include a combination of ideas generated by the band members, utilizing Internet marketing techniques and traditional marketing techniques. In-person marketing can promote the band and increase sales, so utilizing flyers and posters will be beneficial in reaching those who are not logging onto social media websites and YouTube. The Double Nickel Vocal Band should promote through social media websites, such as Facebook and MySpace, as well as utilizing YouTube and the analytics tools available. A mass Internet marketing plan would increase band awareness throughout the world, increasing sales and the likelihood of connection with music industry executives. The final aspect to the marketing plan includes creating a website. Since the band name will be increasingly known, fans can search Google for the band name and find a website. The website should

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