Literary Elements In Mccarthy's The Road By Mccarth Mccarthy

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McCarthy's novel The Road is an interesting take on post apocalyptic genre because of the way it was written. The Road contains many fragments, repetition of key phrases, polysyndeton, and many more literary styles that are unique in this book. These literary styles are woven in a magnificent weave that shows the frailty and how corruptible the human heart is after disaster. An odd thing about this book is that there are no chapters at all. Although off putting at first, after reading the entire book it shows a purpose for this that couldn't be seen before. In this post apocalyptic world nothing matters, it's a continuous struggle. There is no pause, there is no break from this destruction. The world has ended and all they can do is keep moving forward or as the kid would say carry the fire. McCarthy does this to immerse us and make us feel an ongoing feeling of dread and insecurity of what will come next. What will the characters eat or who will they meet in their endless wandering. The no chapter does this perfectly. It doesn't give us time as readers to collect our thoughts, and we’re left on the edge of our seats the entire time waiting for something to happen.…show more content…
He often uses small paragraphs to briefly talk about the past starving us of information that we can use to create somewhat of a timeline.. He gives us a glimpse almost like a vision bringing us back to those moments then suddenly returning us back to the present. He does this in page 28 he suddenly, in between paragraphs, gives us information about the past, telling us how people at first had great hopes to rebuild society but was later crushed by the reality of things. This happens once again on page

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