List And Describe At Least 3 Things Counselor Can Do When Preparing For The Interview

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1. List and describe at least 3 things counselors can do when preparing for the interview. When a counselor is preparing for an interview, the counselor should make sure the environment is comfortable for the client. The reason why is because the client would feel comfortable in expressing themselves and would be open to listen as well. The counselor is interviewing the client, so that the client could receive help and get what is needed to make their live better. So, I believe it is important to make sure the client is ok with the environment in which there in. Secondly, the counselor should be prepared to handle an interview in a timely fashion. Meaning that there should be schedule on how counseling sessions should flow. The counselor should facilitate what should be expected because it is important that the client knows that sessions should be done in a productive way. It is always a good idea to create an environment that has rules and procedures. Thirdly, counselors should create a setting that would be beneficial for children as well because kids will not participate if they’re not in a setting suitable for them. There should a distance between counselors and children, while the interview is going on. There should be eye contact between both counselor and child. The reason it is vital to have prepared before dealing with kids is because kids can be distracted fast and would find other ways to not even participate in the interview. 2.…show more content…
What are the steps to overcoming children’s resistance to counseling? According to Counseling Children Chapter 3, “The steps to overcoming children’s resistance to counseling, Step 1: The development of a good counseling relationship, a therapeutic alliance between counselor and client, Step 2: The counselor’s office should seem like a friendly, comfortable, relaxed, safe place to be, Step 3: Children need to understand what counseling is and what they can expect from

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