'Freewill In The Movie Disconnect'

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The question among most is how free is freewill? Freewill is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate. Freewill allows someone or something to make up their own fate. It allows one to choice from right and wrong or left and right without knowing what is to happen next. People do not understand that freewill is what they do in their life. Freewill is to have a choice of what eat or to go to work or to go to college. When making a decision no matter the outcome that is what freewill. Everyone in the world has freewill of their own actions. In the movie Disconnect, it shows different ways that people can express freewill of themselves. For example, Derek and Cindy had the freewill to go and find Stephen Schumacher and confront to him on why or if he took their money. Later, to find…show more content…
The sheriff and county attorney who try to find out what happened to the man. The man is John Wright and someone had hanged him in this house. This play shows freewill in these lines said by Mrs. Peters, “My, it’s good thing the men couldn’t hear us. Wouldn’t they just laugh! Getting stirred up over like think like a – dead canary” (Trifles 770). This quote from the play shows that these women have used freewill but not telling the men about the dead canary that belonged to the Mrs. Henderson. The canary was strangled to death and put in Mrs. Henderson’s quilt sowing box. This evidence that could put Mrs. Henderson in prison for the murder of John Wright. John Wright was a good man outside of the home but inside of his house well nobody knew what of men he was. By hiding the canary, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale know that if they hide it that they can almost get in trouble with the law. By hide the canary and not tell anyone about it that is using freewill. The women could have brought the canary to the Sheriff but by choosing not to it shows that all people have

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