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Lincoln’s Last Days by Bill O’Reilly is a detailed narrative of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln’s, assassination and how it was carried out. The book is sectioned off into four major areas, the first being the end of the Civil War. It goes over the last few days before the Civil War ended and how much of an impact it really had on Lincoln and his family.It also goes over how Lincoln tried to bring back the South and keep both halves together for good. The second section talks about the conspirators against Lincoln and their plans to not only assassinate him, but other leaders of our nation as well. In the third section completely goes over Lincoln’s final day on earth. It tells us all the chilling details we would want to know about the moment he was assassinated. The narrator also tells us about what happens while Lincoln is on his death bed and…show more content…
Many artists started drawing Booth next to the devil saying that the devil told him to assassinate Lincoln. When Booth and his co-conspirators were finally found, they were sentenced and found guilty, and hung to death. As for Lincoln, his body was transported on a black freight train to Springfield, Illinois where he would be laid to rest. On the way there, when the train passed through towns, the people would pay their respects to the fallen president. I would recommend this book because it shows great detail about the tragic event that forever changed America and its history. I like the way the book was broken into several small chapters that were placed into four major parts. Though the book was informational, it also had an emotional appeal to it. It really tells every detail about his death and how much he cared for his country. Lincoln had one of the hardest jobs at the time which was keeping America together, this was portrayed in the book very well as it showed pictures of Lincoln before and

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