Limerence Poem

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Poem Limerence I don’t have to be insane to feel this way; there is no right way to agree. Let me tell the truth as it is to me. Let the truth be. This is real, but you don’t see, you don’t want to see. No more lies as you stare into my eyes. How can you keep silent? No more words to hurt the soul. Silence hurts don’t you know? Talk, whisper, play another role. Tell me that you will care more. If I disappear, you will open doors, To look for me in the deep sea floor. Tell me that you think of me. Think. Think. The way I do. “Don’t overthink,” you remind. I did anyway because you are the eternal drug of my mind. Think of me, and you will see. This is real because I have the right to feel Without you thinking that I am Insane with pain.

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