Lighting Techniques In Shrek

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Lighting: In the musical Shrek I feel like the lighting was done well for example, in the scene where shrek's swamp was first introduced to us the lighting was a kind of dark, lonely type light which in my opinion, I think is amazing it showed how lonely Shrek was because he was an ogre so the lighting mixed in with the emotion that he was feeling which was very effective in my opinion. There was also one other scene that I think that lighting was used well, which was when princess Fiona was awaiting her rescue and it showed her room the lighting that was coming through the window kind of gave off an orangish lava type look I liked that a lot it gave you an idea of where she was being held at it really told the difference of if she had been being held in the mountains or was she in the middle of nowhere in England the lighting would have to do with all that so they did a wonderful job with the lighting…show more content…
I feel like they did an okay job with the costumes for the characters that are in this show I would imagine would have made the costume design more difficult. So I understand the costumes might not have not be the best but for example a costume they pulled of that I really liked was the pinocchio costume. I have to tell you I was shocked when pinocchio told a lie and his nose grew i'm guessing he has a button that he would press to make his nose grow but it's something that I was not expecting. Another costume that I think was put together nice was the donkey costume at first the costume had to grow on me I was thinking that he was going to be walking on on four legs which was a disappointment to me but as the show continued I noticed something. I had noticed that donkeys ears would twitch every so often it might be something that most people look past but i thought that it was a wonderful effect to add to the costume they made sure that people knew that he was an

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