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Man must be dictated, “for rebellion is but war renewed” (Thomas Hobbes, 195). Man acts only on his instincts, desires, passions. Each acts only according to his self-interest, for nature has “render[ed] men apt to invade and destroy one another” (78). Consequently, the government must be one of sovereign power, one of intimidation and regulation: one of Leviathan. Though man is often rash, one cannot “accuse man’s nature...[for] the desires and other passions of man are in themselves no sin” (78). Under Leviathan, the contract by which man must exist, man cannot be held accountable until laws are established, “nor can any law be made till they have agreed upon the person that shall make [such laws]” (78). Prior to establishing the laws of man, one must recognize what has spawned a need for such. All are impacted by “the ill condition which man by mere nature is actually placed in; though with a possibility to come out of it, consisting partly in the passions, partly in his reason” (79). Since “the condition of man...is a condition of war of everyone against everyone,” (80) one must first seek peace in all facets of life. One must then “lay down his right to all things” (80) and proceed to recognize and abide by the ultimate law: “Whatsoever you require that…show more content…
The “end of obedience is [the end of] protection” (113), and the end of protection is undoubtedly catastrophic; the war that would arise due to the nature of man would result in no industry, no navigation, no knowledge (61) , “no account of time, no arts, no letters, no society...worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death” (61); the life of man not under Leviathan is “nast[il]y brutish and short” (61). Religion as a form of governance would ultimately be obliterated: it must exist only hand in hand under Leviathan rule. Without Leviathan, all will

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