Letter To Birmingham Jail Analysis

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Letter to Birmingham Jail is a reply of a letter sent to Mathin Luther King by eight clergymen who had written a letter to him disapproving his activities and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and his reply concerning the disapproval. Martin Luther, ruler is most famously known as the Father of Protestantism. A German minister, scholar, college educator, cleric and church reformer, Luther was the person who started the Protestant Reformation and changed the course of Western progress. (Luther) The writer was able to oppose the claim made by the clergymen by giving the clergymen reasons why he is in Birmingham. Firstly he said “I ran over your late explanation calling our present exercises” unwise and inauspicious””. This statement was made in the first letter sent to him by the…show more content…
Another confinement he made was; “I think I ought to give the explanation behind my being in Birmingham, since you have been impacted by the contention of "pariahs coming in" ". An alternate resistance he made was "you lament was you regret the exhibitions that are presently occurring in Birmingham”. This opposition was to make the clergymen understand the main reason for him going to Birmingham. In the cause of his opposition he went further telling them, “You may well ask, for what valid reason is direct activity? Why sit-ins walk, etc.?” He draws the attention of the clergymen by making the above statement. He also went as far as asking them a question “isn't arrangement a superior way?” The writer made use of emotional appeal to address the clergymen. The use of emotional appeal was a form of persuasion using
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