Front Road Vs Inca Road System

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Since the Incas lived high up in the mountains they had an advantage over other civilizations. Because of their post, extensive roads, and battle grouping the Inca had a tactical leverage over their opposition. The Inca road system was similar to the Roman as they both used it for quick deployment of their army and to facilitate commerce. During the travel across the civilization, there would be staging camps set up along the roads; in these camps the soldiers and animals could feast and, rest, and they would have shelter. In battle, army squads would have a front lines were initially occupied by slingshot bearers and archers; the front line would change formation after the initial hit. After the first line of the formation come the storm-troopers…show more content…
Before the weapon-to-weapon combat would start, the Inca army would use ranged weapons like slingshots, arrows and spears in order to break the enemy's front lines. The Inca army would retreat, then when the opponents attacked, the Inca would counter-attack using a pincer movement meaning they attack from both sides. This tactic was very advantageous as many of their enemy civilizations did not stick to their formations and it could be used in all terrains (etc. jungle, desert, mountain and swamp). A another strategy the Inca use when the opposition have a refuge in a fortress, mountain, or a city the Incas would cut their communication and supply lines to isolate the enemy and prevent retreat or demands for reinforcements. If negotiations failed, the Incas would attempt to storm the fortress or starve the opposing force. Occupied cities and their citizens were usually well treated only if they surrendered without hesitation. On the other hand, if the enemy did resist then they could undergo a number of punishments, depending on how much the opposition

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