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The barber values his job above all else, taking pride in the care he takes while working, letting no customer bleed. He is unwilling to compromise his identity as a barber, even if by doing so he would become legendary to the revolutionaries as the “avenger of our people”(Lather and nothing else, pg 4). This shows that he values his identity as a barber more than he values being a revolutionary. The barber takes great care in his work, and was proud of the quality of his shaves. He carefully sharpens, then inspects his razors, once on his thumb, and once more in the light, as well as sharpening them once again in the middle of his shave, ensuring that the razor is in it’s absolute best condition. He considers himself the “best barber in town,”(Lather…show more content…
While he is forced to make decisions, it is his identity that guides them. This is showcased within the text by the lines “I don’t want to be a murderer...I do my work honourably,”(Lather and nothing else, pg 5) which demonstrates that he would be unwilling to tarnish his honour as a barber for the sake of killing Torres. He also believes that each man should do their own job, and since his job, and thus identity, is of a barber, he should do his job as a barber and give Torres a shave rather than murder him. In the end, it was the barber’s identity as an honourable barber who refused to stain his hands with blood, only lather, that guided his decision. When the barber considers killing Capt. Torres, he says that “nobody deserves the sacrifice that others make in becoming assassins.”(Lather and nothing else, pg 4) Later on in the story, he makes it clear that if he does kill Torres, he would be forced to leave everything behind, and flee somewhere far away, giving up his identity, which is the sacrifice that he would have to make in order to kill Torres. As he previously said, nobody, not even the despicable Torres, who mutilated and tortured many of the barber’s comrades, deserves that

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