Lepidium Sativum Essay

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The Effect of Different Genres of Music on the Growth Rate of Garden Cress AIM The purpose of this experiment is to explore upon the possible correlation between musical stimulus and the growth rate of Lepidium sativum, commonly known as Garden Cress. It also aims to discover which genre amongst classical, jazz, and rock has the most beneficial effect on its growth rate. PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT The Garden Cress plant, better known by its botanical name Lepidium sativum, is amongst the many plants that mean a great deal within the Persian culture. During the Persian New Year called “Norooz”, which is at the beginning of spring, it is customary to decorate a table in the house containing seven items that start with the letter “S”. Amongst these items is “Sabzi”, which Persians cultivate in their own traditional way just in time for Norooz. This green plant symbolizes the beginning of spring and the rebirth of life. Sabzi can be anything from a Lentil plant to a Garden Cress so long as it is green. One other use of the Garden Cress is at meal tables where it is set in a basket amongst many other edible green vegetables such as Sweet Basil, Parsley, Radish, Tarragon, Leek, Spearmint, Sweet Fennel (or Origany) and Scallion. My interest in the use of this plant and Persian culture rises from my own semi Persian roots. Hence, I wished to expand my knowledge…show more content…
The experiments aimed to prove that plants can grow better and faster when they are provided with musical stimulation. Although still a debatable subject, the results were successful and showed that some plants do in fact grow more rapidly when exposed to music. Most scientists will agree that seeds exposed to music are able to germinate faster. Some scientists even agree that plants that are exposed to music may in fact be receiving better care and attention and in return, growing

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