Uncovering Hindrances In William Henley's 'Invictus'

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In the life of every individual in humanity, a restraint, whether physical or mental, will always be faced. Some may fail to overcome a hardship due to lack of motivation, determination, or even self-belief. Others may find inspiration in published works of writers and poets, which express greatness in one's self. In William Henley's Invictus, conquering hindrances and mastering defeat summarizes the composition after an advanced deciphering. Although critics may not compliment this short poem with a good literary review, others find it to be a source of enlightenment and courage. English poet William Henley suffered from tuberculosis throughout his life and was forced to undergo an amputation of one of his legs. Although Henley was faced with the tragedy of losing a limb, he never complained, but only grew stronger. The Victorian poem not only told a story of his own, but also was a dedication, like many of his other works, to Robert Hamilton-Bruce, a deceased friend of his. The broad solution of all obstacles that is stated in the four-stanza poem could bring strength to people challenged by problems other than Henley's. Through his literal teachings, readers may follow him and become prioritized to dissect his efforts of influencing bravery through adversity.…show more content…
In the second stanza, Henley goes on to describe how he has not complained about his misfortunes, but has only accepted them for what they are. Not only does he explain how he has not given up on his fight, but he also uses alliteration in the process between some of the words such as, ‘bludgeonings’, ‘bloody’, and ‘unbowed’. The first half of William Henley’s Invictus, gives the reader an idea of the mental pain that he

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