Earl Henderson Orchestra Analyse

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Fletcher Henderson Orchestra is an African-American band that combines saxophone, vocals, guitar, maybe drums and possibly trombone, coronet or other horns. This is an upbeat song with a fast pace tempo that stays steady throughout the song until the ending. The beats do seem to vary from 2 beats to 4 beats and the band does a beautiful job with variation. The melody is played the saxophone. The energy in the song makes you want to smile and tap along or sing along. I feel happy when I hear this song because it seems to make you want to sing along and dance. The artist is referencing a pretty lady, but he seems to do so with respect. Clarence Williams and Washboard Five performed Cushion Foot Stomp playing instruments such as the trombone, vocals, possibly a washboard (because of the name of the band) and saxophone. This song consists of a medium tempo and smooth vocals. The artist was very clever with the melody of the song, because it feels like it is played by a combination of instruments. The music is a combination of soft and loud parts that with a few solos of unknown instruments and a solo vocal section. This song makes me feel relaxed and like I want to dance at the same time. It is a very interesting combination that creates a varied tempo.…show more content…
The song includes other musical solos, but it is hard to pinpoint the instruments. The vocal section is very appealing as he sounds like an opera performer. The tempo is a medium pace and it maintains throughout the song. It is interesting how the words change the feel of the song. It takes on a different perspective when he starts

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