Leaving School For Lunch Research Paper

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The rules states that students shouldn’t be allowed to leave the school campus to go out for lunch. Lunch time is the best time to relax and hang out with your friends. Even when the food in the cafeteria is bad, you could always bring your own lunch. Various things can happen when you’re going out for lunch. Therefore students shouldn’t be allowed to leave the school campus for lunch. In the article “Should Students Be Allowed to Leave School for Lunch” (Debate.org, 2015), they stated students that leave the school campus for lunch should be penalized. Those students who leave school can have an accident, be kidnapped, killed, or even get into a fight. Schools not only want to protect the students but themselves against lawsuits as well. Those students who are leaving campus may end up skipping school and never return to their classes. Students are very irresponsible in what they do and it can cause them to get into trouble.…show more content…
Some parents don’t even know that their kids are leaving the school campus to go have lunch. It would be very useless for students to leave school property over lunch. A student leaving school for lunch shouldn’t be a reward because some of the students are not responsible and they tend to make unhealthy decisions. It’s not hard to bring your own lunch to school. In the article “Should students be allowed off campus during school hour?” (The Homewood star.com, 2013), Schools should be the safest place except for your house. Even though our school is not too far from a food place doesn’t mean you should be allowed to leave the school campus. Given that not every school is in a location where it would be quick and easy for students to go somewhere to get lunch, it would take too long to eat lunch somewhere else. Time runs really fast sometimes and students wouldn’t be able to finish eat their lunch as they arrive to

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