What Are The Characteristics Of Jane Perry's Stereotypes

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Description of candidate: Family, race, experience, education, other characteristics Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller was born in 1966 in West Texas to a former republican politician father, Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson and a Hispanic mother Mrs Esperanza Morgan at a time when Hispanics were a minority in Texas. Her interest in politics runs deep in her family with her leadership abilities being notable during her college years when she was elected to the post of class social chairperson. She graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She also enrolled for Bachelor’s degree in Civil Law. Jane Perry is a long-serving republican politician in Texas. She has worked as a Republican campaign strategist and consultant for several election contenders both at state and national level. For instance, she was the chief campaign strategist for George W. Bush’s back-to-back gubernatorial elections in 1994 and 1998 as well as one of the consultants in his 2000 successful presidential bid that saw him become the 43rd president of the USA. Moreover, she has been involved in a number of campaign programs for women candidates in the nation and state including the election of Susan Combs who would become the first ever…show more content…
These endorsements are based on her track record in public service, civil rights activism and political experience. In addition, Jane Miller has maintained a consistent lead in major public opinion polls from leading survey companies such as Survey International as well as Survey USA. She is a progressive politician who has demonstrated unwavering support for just social causes including women’s rights and abortion as well as social equality. To this end, she has received numerous accolades both at state and national level for her contribution on women’s rights and outstanding public

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