Leatherback Sea Turtle Research Paper

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The Leatherback sea turtle Did you know that the biggest sea turtle in the world is the Leatherback sea turtle. The Leatherback sea turtle is considered Nekton which is a free swimming animal. The kingdom of the Leatherback sea turtle is animalia, the phylum is chordate, and the class is a reptile. The leatherback sea turtle lives in the Pelagic Oceanic zone in the Horizontal zone. The climate that the sea turtle lives in is low temperatures that are below 40 degrees fahrenheit. Most all leatherback sea turtles live in the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The leatherback sea turtle eats jellyfish. On the food chain it is in the middle of it. Some adaptations of the leatherback sea turtle is it can take long deep dives, onboard

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