Laurie Halse Anderson: Summary

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Laurie Halse Anderson had a lot to say about friendship in the story, but the main idea seemed to be that even good friends may not be so loyal when their image is on the line. For example, the events with Rachel. When Melinda called the police at the party after the attack, without even finding out what happened, Rachel immediately abandoned her. She angry that Melinda almost blew her chance at popularity. All of Rachel’s other friends, including Ivy and Nicole, also avoided Melinda after what happened. Because of this, Melinda had a very lonely start to her school year, and she became very depressed. She even stopped speaking almost entirely. For a while though, Melinda became friends with Heather, a girl who had just moved to her school…show more content…
Rather than stay loyal to her very first friend, Heather chose to go with the social group in hopes of becoming popular. Once again, Melinda was alone. Anderson had made all of Melinda’s friends choose their appearance to other people over trying to find out what really was going on. But Melinda even after all of this rejection and hurt had tried to be a good friend to Rachel. When she found out the she was dating Andy, Melinda’s attacker, she tried to warn her. When it seemed like Rachel didn’t get the message, Melinda confronted her. Yet Rachel didn’t believe her. Maybe because she was in denial that her boyfriend would hurt her ex-best friend. But not every idea of friendship is bad in Speak. David, Melinda’s biology partner had been kind to her. Their friendship even had some romantic inclinations, but Melinda hadn’t fully come out of her shell yet. Towards the end, Ivy had become friendly with Melinda again in art class. They weren’t exactly friends, but she no longer ignored Melinda. Also, when everyone finds out what Andy had done to Melinda, Rachel had wanted Melinda to call her. This was most likely because she was feeling guilty about not believing Melinda
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