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Many drastic changes occur during The Lord of the Flies by William Golding to make the almost civilized tribe at the beginning of the book turn into a group of bloodthirsty savages at the end of the book. The society completely changes. This book shows what human nature is like with no actual rules or consequences applied. It’s horrifying what humans can come to be, especially in this book. The society completely changes but also has few similarities. Similarities include that there is a leader in some form, they are afraid of the “beastie”, and there is a need to kill on the island. Some differences between the societies include that leader is different, the mindset of the kids are different, the appearance of the kids is different, and so are the rituals. This will explain similarities and differences between the society at the beginning of the book and the ending of the book. From the society at the beginning of the book, to the society at the end of the book there is always the need to kill. The society at the beginning has the need to kill pigs. Pigs…show more content…
In the beginning, they all look like normal, civilized people, like people you see at school every day. They have their school or choir uniforms on, normal guy hair, and Piggy has glasses. At the end of the book, they look like totally different people. Their school uniforms are taken off, and Piggy’s glasses are now broken. The biggest difference is the kids’ hair length. The kids’ hair grows out which represents that they are savages, and have been on the island for too long. The only kid whose hair hasn’t grown out is Piggy. Which represents that Piggy is the only one on the island who is civilized. The overall appearance difference between the beginning society and the ending society is that in the beginning is that the kids appear civilized in the beginning, and appear like savages at the

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