How Does Little Miss Sunshine Relate To Belonging

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I feel that Arndt revealed the endpoint of this journey because, Little Miss Sunshine isn’t the type of story where the audience needs to be constantly guessing, “how will this end?” To the audience, Little Miss Sunshine was a story about interesting characters not interesting events. So the goal wasn’t the focus of the movie, the journey was. This technique of revealing the endpoint and taking the mystery away, was so effective because it made the audience focus more on the characters making them easier to relate with. The audience is able to just sit back and enjoy the ride, maybe even learn a lesson from the characters. The family in Little Miss Sunshine can be derived as a character itself. They are one single unit made up of multiple characteristics, some clashing and others complementing. The reason that each character isn’t a stranger is because it would take away from…show more content…
Call to Adventure: Olive gets the call that she’s going to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant.Olive need to go to California. Richard’s the only one who can drive the van. 3. Refusing the Call: Richard doesn’t want to go. He’s hoping to hear back from Stan Grossman about a book proposal based on his nine-step program. 4. Meeting the Mentor: It’s a little difficult to identify the mentor character in this movie. Grandpa acts as somewhat of a mentor, challenging Richard’s misguided beliefs and comforting him when he fails. But so does Olive by demonstrating the importance of passion and acceptance of oneself – things Richard definitely needs to learn. I would have to say that both these characters can be considered mentors. 5. Crossing the Threshold: The family embarks on the trip. The special world here is represented by the van. It is a world of family togetherness, something not present in the opening scenes when we see each character involved in their own worlds. The multi-state journey crammed together in a little yellow van is a very different “world” for this particular

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