Langston Hughes Salvation Analysis

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Cristian B. Cruz Lebron Reading Langston Hughes’ Salvation reminded me greatly of my time growing up going to an Evangelic church, except, in contrast to Langston’s experience, I never had any expectations of seeing some sort of light or experiencing Christ as a whole. There was our own revival at my Grandfather’s church where my father took me and my little sister. The revival started with a humble introduction by the Pastor leading to signing, preaching, screams, and the elderly dancing up to the stage. There was more than the usual crowd, what I assumed at the time were the family of the usual church-goers that came to be saved. When the singing stopped and the people settled down, the Pastor asked for the children from the biblical school and any other young newcomers to be escorted to the first row of benches.…show more content…
How you saw his figure and felt true serenity upon seeing his way and accepting him into your heart. Sitting in the bench next to my sister I remembered those sayings from my grandfather and the Pastor, and remembered feeling, despite how serious and dramatic they were about it, how I possessed a certain apathy about the whole situation. The Pastor stood at the center at the stage with other elders of the church and began to sing and preach, to respond to the cries of the other sinners, to remind the youth of the existence of hell and the consequences of denying Jesus. When he finished, he extended his hand, aiming it consecutively to us, the youths, sitting in the front row and said something along the lines of: “The innocence of the youth must be saved under the eye of God. Come forth and accept Christ into your hearts.” Some of the other children were crying, my sister was grabbing my arm

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