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Who is Kim Dae Jung? What did he achieved? What is so special about him? Before we find the answer, it is great to know a little detail about him first. Firstly, Kim Dae-jung was born on December 3, 1925 in Haui-do, a poor island in Jeolla, southwestern Korea. Kim Dae-Jung is a farmer's son. Through his determined and hardwork, he became president of a successful shipping company. He entered politics in 1954 and was elected to the National Assembly of South Korea in 1961, but, 3 days after the election, the military coup dissolved the legislature. He became an activist in the country's democratic movement. In 1970, Kim Dae Jung was a renowned and famous politician. He is very capable of delivering speeches and releases papers on various topics including economic policy, reunification and social welfare. Kim persevered with the power struggle with Kim Young Sam and Lee Chul Seung to become a surprise opposition candidate for the upcoming presidential election. He proved to be a skillful and interesting candidate. Usually reserved and very critical, the press and the media are loudly supporting Kim's support. He was widely praised because he had enough charisma and insight to lead Korea on the road to democracy. South Korean President Kim Dae Jung has been awarded the Peace Prize for his…show more content…
South Korea's Sunshine Policy fails to achieve North Korea's success, government reports have found, saying there is no positive change in Pyongyang's behavior despite a decade of aid and mass drive. Aid was sent to the North during the administration of Kim Dae Jung and Spirit Moo Hyun from 1998 until 2008 also failed to make changes to the lives of poor Koreans, the White Unification Ministry's white papers, said by Reuters on Thursday. Policy review by President Lee Myung Bak pointed to North Korea to pursue nuclear weapons and sink South Korean navy vessels in March that killed 46 sailors as a prime example of Pyongyang's deceptive

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