Kudler-Ross Death Process

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Question 1 According to Kubler-Ross, there are five stages in the death process: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The first stage is denial. In this stage, one usually refuses to accept the reality of the situation. It is a temporary shock in which one is in a state of disbelief. It consists of phrases like “I can’t believe it”, “This can’t be happening to me”, “I’m fine”, or “Not to me!”. I did not realize it then but when my mom was involved in a car accident, I went through this death process. However, I did not experience it in the particular order Ross describes it in. When I first heard the news of my mom being in a car accident and at the hospital receiving surgical treatment, I recall feeling shock and hiding from the facts. I did not want to believe the words people around me were telling me. I just wanted to block out the words and hide from the truth.…show more content…
In this stage, one usually realizes that the change is real and will affect us. One becomes envious, outraged, and full of anger. “Why me?”, “It’s not fair!”, or “Who can I blame” are common reactions during this stage. For some reason, I did not feel angry at all. Maybe because the situation was understandable. My mom was sitting in the passenger side trying to teach my aunt who was in the driver’s seat how to maneuver a car. The accident happened just 1 house away from ours. They were one slight turn away from reaching home. However, towards the turn my aunt gasses the car, which resulted in the car excelling at a very fast speed and crashes into our neighbor’s house. The air bag went off and it was then that my mom was crying out for help when she realized she couldn’t move. Both her legs were dead and broken while my aunt only had a slight head

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