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Throughout King Ferdinand’s life, he accomplished numerous noble acts. During his marriage to Isabella, they amalgamated the Spanish kingdoms into Spain. Ferdinand commenced Spain’s entry into the New World. King Ferdinand II of Aragon was born March 10, 1452 in Sos, Aragon. He was the second son of John I of Aragon and Joanna Henriquez. Ferdinand was favored by his father because his father and older brother, Charles, would argue quite frequently. During his adolescence, his father was cautious about his education and made sure Ferdinand learned by experience. Ferdinand had an imposing personality, but he was not amiable. Ferdinand obtained his characteristics of sagacity, righteousness, and valiancy from his father. Unlike his mother, whom…show more content…
He was convinced that he could reach India and China in a more effective way than the Portuguese sailors, by sailing west. Columbus tried to get a European court to to sponsor him for eight years. Isabella and Ferdinand decided on endorsing Columbus’ voyage, additionally giving him the name “admiral of the ocean seas” and allowing him to be the governor of the land he came across. In return, Columbus committed to disseminating the Christian faith to the native people and bring back spices and gold. On August 3, 1492, on the harbor of Palos, Columbus set sail with a fleet of three vessels. He was in charge of the biggest one, the Santa Maria, and brothers Martin Alonso and Vicente Yânez Piezòn were in charge of the Pinta and the NiÑa. They landed on the shores of the Bahamas in October 12, 1492; they declared the land for Spain and gave it the name San Salvador, in honor of Jesus the Savior. Columbus sailed on and gave each island they pass a Spanish name. In November, the explorers came across the most significant land of the exploration, Cuba. Later, Columbus names another large island Hispaniola, in honor of Spain. This is where the Santa Maria gets shipwrecked. Columbus set up a little colony of forty men with rations to last a year, during the time when Columbus went back to Spain to announce his discoveries and achievements. These were not the first European explorers to come in contact with America, but they were the first to document their accomplishments. This was the acme of Columbus’s career. Unfortunately, Columbus was not as successful after his first voyage, “ Columbus sails west again five months after his audience with Ferdinand and Isabella. This time the expedition is on a much larger scale, with the intention of establishing colonies. Seventeen ships, carrying between them almost 1500 people, leave Cadiz. Their first landfalls yield new discoveries -

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