Kinesthetic Learners In An Ideal Classroom

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Learning environments can either improve or diminish from the learning development. If a learning environment is compassionate and attentive to its students, rather than conformed for mass instruction the students will be more likely to excel. It is crucial that students are placed in the correct learning environment so the students will build their confidence levels in learning which will provide them the necessary skills needed for academic accomplishments. Everyone learns differently. Students may be auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners, therefore students should be learning in an environment that focuses on teaching in different ways. In his interesting essay, To Teachers, Rabindranath Tagore establishes that “When we are sent to school,…show more content…
Students would also learn a lot of information that is relevant to their lives and their futures, that way the students will feel compelled to want to learn and continue their education as it will subsequently help them live better lives. In order for the students to develop a love for learning students should be taught by knowledgeable teachers, who respect their ideas, that way the teachers will be able to teach a subject different ways, for the different types of leaners in the class, and this will help all the students grasp the subject. Students should feel a positive, peaceful vibe upon walking into their classroom; students should be encouraged on the work they put into learning not a grade they get. Dr. Carol Dweck developed a theory that coincides with this statement and called it “Growth mindset”. In Dwecks TedTalks video, Growth Mindsets and Motivation, she explains "My research shows that when we encourage a growth mindset in students, they become enthusiastic learners and responsible ones too, a growth mindset means they believe that their intelligence can be developed". Dweck shows that if students are encourage on the effort they put into learning rather than focus on the grade the student will be more compelled to want to pursue learning. If they continue to be compelled to learn they will become confident to overcome learning challenges rather than shy away from them. If students are taught to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset they will want to work towards a love of learning, which will ultimately lead them to great achievements and

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