How Did Labor Unions Impact Society

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The hardships that were endured during the establishment of the American Labor Unions are what made the union so popular in the beginning. Labor Unions served as an organization designed to protect lower class workers from being mistreated and paid unfairly. Labor Unions gave lower class citizens a voice to speak against unfair or unsafe working conditions, work hours, and benefits. Labor Unions have had a great impact on society, “they have been woven into the political, economic and cultural fabric of America, and their influence has played a colorful role in its development” (Cussen, 2012, p. 1). Without the American Labor Unions, people would be treated like slaves; no dignity and no consideration for their health or safety. The Beginning…show more content…
Unions began to establish when the work force wanted to negotiate for better work condition by going on strikes. “In the early years of the 19th century, recorded efforts by unions to improve the workers’ conditions, through either negotiation or strike action, became more frequent” (History of Labor Unions, n.d., p. 1). As employees begin to realize how much of a disadvantage they were in with their employers having sole power over the work force; the small amount of union organizations that were already established, started to increase as the years went on. In many cities, unions with different crafts or skill sets organized and became a, “federation; an organization of local unions known as “The Nation Labor Union” that formed in 1866” (History of Labor Unions, n.d., p.…show more content…
Unions negotiate hard, sometimes about things they really do not understand about the company; so this causes a problem when union leaders are asking for things that are hard for union members to receive. “Unions once helped advance working conditions, but now union rules hurt workers because they stifle growth by making companies less flexible” (Stossel, 2012, p. 1). There are some good and bad in union representation, but the long history of good the American Labor Unions have done since their establishment has far outweighed the negativity that they receive in business

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