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“A Rose for Emily” is divided into five sections. The five sections include; Emily Grierson’s funeral, 30 years before her funeral, Homer Barron came into town, and the beginning of the fifth section stated that people thought Emily Grierson would kill herself. However, it wasn’t herself that she would kill it would be Homer Barron. In the five sections of the short story “A Rose for Emily” seven characters were revealed including; Emily Grierson, Homer Barron, Emily Grierson’s father, Judge Stevens, Tobe, and Colonel Sartoris. Emily Grierson is the most important character in “A Rose for Emily,” because the short story revolves around her and her life. However, Emily Grierson’s father is equally important as his daughter, because he made her…show more content…
Emily Grierson was a small, fat woman who wore a thin gold chain that vanished into her belt. She was a woman who did not like change and she was also pyscho. However, during her funeral the whole town came, the men went to the funeral out of respect while the women only went to see the inside of Emily Grierson’s house. The reason the women were so curious was because no one has seen the inside of her house in ten years, beside her servants. The second character is exposed in the first section, Colonel Sartoris. Colonel Sartoris is the mayor of the town that Emily Grierson lived in during 1894. Emily Grierson’s father owned money, however Colonel Sartoris lied to the town saying Emily Grierson’s father loaned money to the town, and this was an act of repaying the money that he owned. Colonel Sartoris truly watched over Emily Grierson because she knew her father was all the she had and when he died she had nothing. He didn’t want Emily Grierson to have to worry about the unpaid loans her father left her. However, when the next generation came in they realized what Colonel Sartoris did and mailed a tax notice and eventually paid a visit to her. In that visit Emily Grierson told the group of men to ask Colonel Sartoris about the unpaid taxes, not knowing Colonel Sartoris has been dead for a long time. Emily Grierson’s comment about Colonel Sartoris shows us that she lives in the
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