Alcopops Research Paper

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Alcopops is a dominant beverage in the alcohol consumption sphere. This controversial, designer substance is a sweetened, pre-mixed, spirit based drink attractive in young adolescents, enticing females to embark on the use of alcohol (McGregor & Gallate, 2004; Metzner & Kraus, 2008). The masking sweetness in alcopops leads to excessive alcohol intake as a total of 44.4% of young females in 2011 regularly consumed alcopops (Fry, 2011; White & Bariola, 2012). Alcopops produces a pleasure state of happiness or annihilation as well as facilitating a buzz effect in the excited state of mind (White & Bariola, 2012; Vendruscolo, Gueye, Vendruscolo, Clemens, Mormède, & Cador, 2012). Alcoholism occurs in 6.5% of the Australian population and is a chronic,

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