Kelleys Island Short Story

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kelleys Island is an island in lake erie, a half hour ferry ride from sandusky. it is populated of about 30 people that live there year around. But many people have cabins, like my family does, and use it as a vacation home. to me this cabin is like my second but favorit home, and i wanted to bring my good friend katelyn to this place. we had been there for a couple days now and it was fourth of july. at early dawn the sun started to shine through our skylights we could see the dust floating around after it had woke us up. we had big plans for the day so we had to get started. katelyn and i had planned on going all out for this fourth of july and we wanted to look good doing it so we spent about an hour and half getting all decked out in red.. white … and blue. we painted our faces with…show more content…
after we got ready and we could feel the crusty paint dry on our faces we started with cutting the lemons and setting up the table. we were having the annual morrison lemonade stand. in was nice a usual. the breeze blowing on our backs off the lake and the sun beating down. we made a total of 150 dollars to split. after this befor we were going to see the firework competition we decided to go to my favorite spot for pictures. the rocky side of the island there is no sand it's all levels of rocks and backed up to the woods. you have to know your way around the island to be able to get through those woods out to the rocks. the heat had built up now from the sun all day and we were getting hot; katelyn and i had to ride our bikes from the cabin down to the path. it's about three fourths of a mile to the rocks from the cabin. so katelyn and i are out of the path and onto the flat part of the rocks and we

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