William Melvin Kelley's A Visit To Grandmother

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Sometimes, our close friends and family treat us unfairly or betray us because once in awhile, everyone acts selfish. You can hurt the closest people in your life and not even realize it. In the story “A Visit to Grandmother by William Melvin Kelley, I relate the most to. In the story “A Visit to Grandmother,” the main characters are Charles, GL, and Mama. Mama treats her son GL better than her other son Charles. “If GL and I did something wrong, you’d beat me first and then be too tired to beat him”(89). Charles is confronting his mother on something that bothers him. It bothered him how he got beaten up in seconds after doing something wrong with GL, but GL wouldn’t get in trouble. I can relate the most to this story because when I was younger, I would always play with my cousin named Brianna. She was about three years younger than me at the time. She would always cause some trouble and I would be the one to pay for her troubles. I would always be told that I was the older one and that I should keep her away from doing bad things, so then I started to get really angry at her and hit her so she would learn not to do anything bad.…show more content…
Sergei has a pet fish and little do people know, that fish can grant Sergei three wishes. Sergei had a girlfriend and that girlfriend had a sick brother. Sergei used one of his wishes out of the three to cure the boy. “And a few months later she left him for some cop, a Moroccan with a shiny Honda”(7). The girl leaves Sergei for another man. This is similar to what I went through a couple months ago. I had to choose between two people and I did. I left the other person upset and I lost contact with the person for good because of my selfish

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