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One of the most astounding, contributive, exquisitely artistic, and culturally creative choreographers of dance diversity is pioneer, Katherine Dunham. Through her dedication to dance, academic research, cultural influence, and beauty of movements Ms. Dunham introduced her heritage and legacy to the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, racial segregation was the structure of society. This restricted ethnic artists from sharing their creativity and limited their opportunities to enlighten or educate others with their contributions. A Chicago couple, Albert Dunham and his wife, Fanny, brought an innovator of change into the world with the birth of their only daughter, Katherine, on June 22, 1909. Racial diversity was in Katherine’s bloodline. Her father was African American, a descendent of slaves from West Africa, and her mother was French Canadian and Native American. She died when Katherine was three years old. Although gifted with dance talent, performing was not her primary passion. Academically intelligent, Katherine’s first interest was anthropology which lured her to travel, research, and study her racial roots…show more content…
The company’s first scene on a city street shows the dancers engaging in a social display of movement during a rainstorm. Katherine emerges admirably attired, tall, and untouched by the rain. As she looks up toward the thunder and lightning, the scene transforms into a tropical setting where Katherine reappears floating and swaying in a wispy costume designed by Helen Rose at 0:40. Katherine blended Spanish and Oriental techniques into this creation. This enchanting style and romantic interaction inspired future generations to express closeness. The close hinge, body movements of a couple from 2:34 to 2:38 is similar to a phrase at 8:14 to 8:17 in Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”

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