Kantian Ethics: Moral And Beliefs Of Abortion

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In our times of great moral wealth and moral intelligence, abortion has become an important moral subject among almost all peoples. In an intense, philosophical discussion with a good friend of mine, Bella, she provides various moral points of contention in favor of abortion. She justifies that abortion is moral and virtuous in the context of care ethics, utilitarianism, and a perspective similar to that of Kantian Ethics. Due to the fact that rape as the driving force only accounts for only 1% of abortions, the situations concerning abortion were excluded from this discussion. The core reasoning of Bella's belief in the morality in abortion is her belief that abortion is a fundamental, natural right of a woman because she has the liberty and freedom over her body. If a woman is denied the right of abortion, she has no liberty or sovereignty over her body and her rights have been infringed upon. She claims that the organism in the womb is not fully sentient, but rather a part of the woman, and due to its biological dependency of the woman, the woman wields the power in determining the fate of the fetus.…show more content…
Such a situation would entail the financial woes of single mother parenthood, social stigma of bastardization, and lack of access to social capital. She contends that it would, in fact, be immoral to raise a child if the child could not be raised in an environment of good

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