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Outdoorsmen, hunters, adventurers, and survivalists always carry a knife with them as their primary survival tool. The most popular style of knife for this use is the Kabar. While knife designs come and go, the simple and utilitarian design of the Kabar knife have earned it a place in the hearts of many as the best knife ever created. The Kabar Knife During World War II, the KA-BAR knife company from Olean, New York submitted a knife to the United States Marine Corps to become general issue for its soldiers. After a little fine-tuning by the Marine Quartermasters, the design was approved and the knife became the official fighting and utility knife for the Marines. The knife became so popular and well-known for its quality and usefulness during the war, that all knives made in a similar style came to be known as Kabar knives. After being adopted by the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and the Underwater Demolition Teams, the Kabar knife served in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. 74…show more content…
Used extensively by the U.S. military, the Marine Corps Fighting Knife is a proven weapon and survival tool. The Blade The classic Kabar knife features a 7-inch blade forged from KA-BAR’s famous 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel. It has the distinct clip point shape which makes it ideal for thrusting and slashing when you use it as a weapon. You receive your knife with a 20-degree edge on it, and the blade is finished with a black powdercoat finish to minimize rusting and extend the life of your knife. The blade is .165” thick all the way out to the taper so it’s super strong and won’t break when you use it for hammering or prying. Once you see the profile of the Marine Corps Fighting Knife, you’ll never forget it. The

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