How Did Great Britain And Russia Start When Napoleon Became Allies

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Quasi War Question: 1 The Quasi-War was a war between America, Great Britain, and the Batavian Republic against the French Republic and Spain. A key cause of the war was because the Kingdom of France played a significant role in the American victory of the Revolutionary War, and the debt for this help was not repaid. After the war, the French Monarchy was overthrown. Its place was taken by the French Revolutionary Government, also known as the Directory. While America was signing the Jay Treaty for peace and trading clauses with Great Britain, they quit trying to repay their debt to France on the grounds that they owed the money to the French Monarchy, not the new government. Since the French were struggling to fund their European front war,…show more content…
It was ended in 1800 when American and French Negotiators came up with the Treaty of Mortefontaine, also known as the Convention of 1800. This Treaty ended the only official alliance that the United States of America would have for the next 150 years. How was the Russian Campaign the Demise of Napoleon? Question: 2 The demise of Napoleon began when Russia and Napoleon became allies. When Napoleon shut down all trade with Great Britain, the Russian economy weakened. The Tsar of Russia decided to get out of the Continental system, the alliance that shut off trade with Britain. As a result of this move by Russia, Napoleon invaded Russia. The Russians knew that they were heavily outnumbered by the French forces. Because of this, Russian troops used hit and run guerilla tactics, and would then retreat into the countryside. As they retreated the Russians burned down all of the cities and villages. At this point Napoleon had realized that he may have been over confident. He lost many of his men to heat exhaustion, desertion, and sickness. In two full months Napoleon lost near 150,000 men without fighting a single battle. Many of the men who deserted were not loyal to France but they were forced to fight because their leaders were allied with

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