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Teaching with Passion: Advice for Young Educators Jonathan Kozol gives wise advice and examples from when he was a young teacher in his book Letters to a Young Teacher. Kozol pinpoints how our education system thrives on its test-driven curriculum. There are two problems Kozol believes our public schools are up against today: weakening rates between new teachers, and the strict methods many schools have because of the law about No Child Left Behind. Kozol believes teachers in inner city schools leave within the first three years because of the conditions they are working in, and a test crazy education culture. Two ways Kozol advises teachers on how to work outside of the test crazy education curriculum is by intending students succeed, and having a classroom that is…show more content…
Entrap them first in fascination. Entrap them in a sense of merriment and hopeful expectations." -- Jonathan Kozol, Letters to a Young Teacher This quote is at the very beginning of the article. Kozol argued that new teachers need to protect principals such as Francesca's, who supported her creativity, by not creating disorder in the classroom. "The best teachers do this not by shouting but by winning the affection of the kids so they don't want to make things hard," he said. This quote is the first paragraph under The Best Defense. He spoke with a certain reverence about her class, which he described as "a piece of poetry, lyrical and lovely." This quote is the last sentence of the second paragraph under The Best Defense.

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