John Winthrop's Voyage To The New Colonies

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When America was first discovered there were no states or cities. It was nothing like modern day America. As the British starting hearing about the new land, many wanted to set voyage to it. The voyages were expensive and dangerous. The Kings and Queens of Britain would supply the voyagers with money and supply. In order for them to be supplied, they first had to convince the King and Queen. After receiving the supplies they would set voyage on the sea. It would take them from weeks to months to complete their sail. They would travel in every type of weather and could run out of supplies on the sea. Making their voyage very dangerous. In 1628 the Fourth Winthrop son of Rev. John Winthrop wrote a letter to his father as why they should set sail and build a colony. A letter that provided the reason as to why and providing ease for any worries. These letters were such…show more content…
In the letter he was trying to persuade for the people to go out to sea with the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He wrote that they should set voyage in order to build a church and save the people of the new land. That they had the obligation to as people of the church to show them to learn the faith. He also said that this mission would bring good effects to their church. That the new land was a gift from God because the whole earth belonged to God. That the land was a message from God to set mission and save the people of the new land. The kind of people that could be persuaded into setting voyage to New England would be the religious type. They would feel the responsibility to provide refuge to those that needed to be saved from their sins. As people from the church those were their beliefs. Winthrop the Fourth knew this and that was probably the primary reason why he wrote out to their attention. Most likely the people of the church set on the voyage to the new

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