Comparing Presentation Of 'Mickey And Edward In Blood Brothers' By Willy Russell

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Throughout the play, Willy Russell presents Mickey and Edward’s relationship differently throughout their lives. The play begins with Mickey and Edward being separated but finding each other and becoming ‘blood brothers.’ Their immediate and strong friendship could potentially illustrate their fraternal bonds, particularly when both boys disobey their parents so they can play together. Willy Russell also portrays their relationship through humor, for example when Mickey teaches Edward how to swear. This can also be interpreted as admiration as Edward is amazed with Mickey’s audacity to swear and also mickey is impressed with Edward’s willingness to share his sweets and his generosity. As Mrs. Lyons’ paranoia grows, the family moves away into the countryside, straining Edward and Mickey’s relationship. Edward is given a locket containing a picture of Mickey and Mrs. Johnstone, which Edward swears he will always wear.…show more content…
Mickey describes how everybody seems to have moved away, even though only Edward has left. Willy Russell uses Mickey’s lines to show how Mickey’s fun has left with Edward and how he has to just pass time without him. This shows how Mickey almost relied on Edward for making his childhood enjoyable. During the song, both boys sing about how they wish they were the other person and contrast various things for example how Mickey ‘swears like a soldier’ and Edward ‘knew every word in the dictionary.’ The way the boys sing about each other shows how despite they’re in different classes, they still wish to be each other. This again brings back the reoccurring childhood theme of

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