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Film Summary: Leonard worked as a detective in an insurance company. He got promotion since he revealed a victim from a car accidence named Sammy who pretended to have a short-term memory loss in order to get money from insurance company. One day, his wife was raped by two criminals and he was knocked down and become a victim of short-term memory loss. Her wife was painful to see Leonard suffer from this memory loss and decided to use her life to bring his memory back. However, Leonard killed his wife unconsciously. In his memory, his wife was died during that accidence. From then on, he was seeking the second criminal who knocked him down and made himself believe that his own story happened on Sammy instead of himself. A cop named John Gammel…show more content…
One seemingly reasonable treatment invented by Leonard in treating short-term memory loss is making notes and taking pictures. One of the appropriate treatments of post traumatic stress disorder is cognitive behavioral therapy. By changing the patterns of behavior and thinking in order to change the way the patients feel and act, cognitive behavioral therapy can potentially make them see the optimistic side of their lives. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps patients to learn the method to identify thoughts that depress them and to replace them with some optimistic ideas. One specific example is the exposure therapy which involves letting the patients to re-experience the traumatic event in order to make them get used to those moments (Wikipedia “Post traumatic stress disorder”N/A). In this case, doctor could simulate a similar raping event to help Leonard re-experience the exact feeling at that moment. The most common treatment of schizophrenia is antipsychotic medication. The first atypical antipsychotic is Clozapine. Later on, more and more atypical antipsychotic such as Risperdal, Zyprexa were introduced. An alternative method to treat schizophrenia is introducing psychosocial interventions such as family therapy and cognitive remediation. Family therapy works with people in intimate relationships (Wikipedia “Family therapy” N/A) and cognitive remediation aims to improve patient’s daily skills such as problem solving ability and memory (Wikipedia “Cognitive remediation” N/A). In this case, a special program can be designed for Leonard to train his ability to

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