Joan Of Arc: Most Influential Figure In French History

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Joan of Arc was one of the most influential figures in French history. She led the French army to numerous victories over the English during the Hundred Years’ War. She inspired many of her troops to help her fight and led the French to future victories. Her devotion to God helped her become a leader in an army into battle. With God by her side, nothing could stop Joan of Arc. Joan was born in “1412 to Jacques d’Arc and his wife Isabelle in the village of Domremy” (Williamson). When Joan of Arc was born, there was a war in France between the royal family. “The events in France during these years would set the stage for Joan’s later life and the circumstances surrounding her death” (Williamson). Around the age of 12, Joan began seeing visions.…show more content…
The visions young Joan was experiencing was visions of saints and angels. In these visions, Joan later said that she see the saints and angels and she could even thouch them. Some of these visions included figures of popular saints like St Catherine of Alexandria and sometimes religious figures like Angel Gabriel. Sometimes Joan even saw groups of angels. “The only one with a definite relevance to the military situation would be the Archangel Michael, who had been chosen in 1422 as one of the patron saints of the French Royal army” (Williamson). Joan’s visions would make a lasting impact on her for the rest of her life. At the age of 16 Joan was “led by the voices of the saints, in May 1428 Joan traveled to Vaucouleurs, where she asked for permission to join the dauphin and his cause” ("Joan of Arc Biography"). The battles in France were between the (future king) Charles VII and King Henry VI of England for the crown of France. This was the Hundred Years’ War. Joan reached to Vaucoulerurs and her support was declined. This did not stop Joan. The next year she returned and she was provided with men to fight in battle with

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